Imported Desserts at Cardona’s

I have a Cardona’s obsession, and I don’t want any help for my problem.

Cardona’s imports a lot of the goods they sell from other local establishments. Every time I enter the store I secretly hope and pray that they will have my favorite cookies. It happens maybe 1 out of 5 times because they sell out so fast, but I got lucky yesterday! There are five chocolate chip walnut cookies with cream cheese frosting in each package. That means I get two and a half after dinner and Mr. gets the others. My sweet tooth savors these bad boys, and I thank my lucky star some bakery in Amsterdam really knows how to rock.


Another imported dessert I love comes right from Crisan’s on Lark. All winter I stare at the gelato case in Cardona’s dreaming of summer, because it’s right next to my spinach raviolis. These past few hot days called for guava gelato. Even better than I could have ever imagined. Creamy, richly flavorful, divine substance.


Thank you Cardona’s for knowing what’s good in the Capital Region, and also for making the BEST deli sandwiches I have ever eaten. I love you guys.


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