Taconic Sculpture Park

It has been a long rainy week, but we needed it! The waterfall at Thacher was nonexistent last time I visited. I think this weekend is going to be perfect adventuring weather, so what better fun than visiting a quirky sculpture park? I love me some outside art, and we are blessed with a lot of really great art parks: the Circle Museum is small and interesting, Storm King is vast and a bit of a drive, Omi is great and well known, and the Taconic Sculpture Park of Columbia County is funky and relatively off the radar.

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The Taconic is a physically small place that packs a big punch. There are some pieces here that I really enjoyed, particularly some of the large heads.


Many people have seen a large head while driving on the Taconic, and this would be that head. It was a huge mystery to my friends and I when we were young, and debunking it was quite a hoot. The real hoot was discovering I could enter this head, and climb up a ladder, and end up atop the head. So awesome! The views coupled with silly elation were incredible. What fun.


Don’t be surprised if the sculptor himself comes out to say hello to you, this happened to us. He lives on the premises and is quite friendly. This day would pair nicely with a trip to Chatham or apple picking in Columbia County!


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