Katonah Museum of Art in Westchester

I visited the Katonah Museum of Art, a small but interesting place in Katonah. The exhibit was on Iceland and they included two galleries and a video. The galleries included art work of the flora in the land and topography maps. 


There was a sculpture made from collected junk from an Icelandic farm.

DSCF8761 There was a very odd exhibit including rocks with a projector screen and sound component. 


The video showed the people, the animals, and natural scenes such as volcanoes and the aurora borealis. It was beautifully done. I got a sweet free post card to remind me of art I saw and things I learned about the country. 


We goofed around the premises of the museum a bit and ended up seeing a hawk and some woodchucks.

DSCF8768 DSCF8762

It was a bit expensive if you do not get some sort of discount from being a student, but I enjoyed the unique exhibits regardless.




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