Sherwood Island State Park, CT

A good beach day is one of my most cherished things in the world! I love the ocean air, the vitamin d, and all the natural treasures that can be found in a good beach. Sherwood Island State Park in Connecticut is one of my favorites!


It is a bit of a drive from the Capital Region (2.5 hours), but not far from the city (30-50 minutes depending on traffic). For years I headed to Long Island to hit the beach, but in more recent times I found myself driving up i95 to go to Connecticut if the mood strikes me. Sherwood is a more relaxed environment. You can enjoy calm swimming here more because it is the bay and waves are minimal. The shells are different from what I find at Robert Moses State Park. My favorite things to collect here are jingle jangle shells, or mermaid’s toenails as some people call them! They make a great noise when you jostle them around in your hands. 


The beach is long shore to walk upon, and you may find yourself at the rocky end where people are fishing off the dock. You can sit here and dangle your feet off and relax. 

DSCF8582 1150925_10201736722637785_195311238_n

There are often rose hips blooming.


Lots of wildflowers and birds about. Among the gulls I have also seen osprey. Once during low tide I swam with a sea robin which was really exciting!


If you find yourself in the area, enjoy a day at Sherwood beach. You will be happy you did.


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