Grant’s Cottage

I made a stop at Grant’s Cottage in Wilton and had a walk about the grounds. I started in the gift shop/museum. I looked at the artifacts and read some quotes about Ulysses S. Grant’s last days. A ‘death mask’ was on display, which I thought to be very odd and interesting.


Grant’s jacket was on display as well.


The museum spoke much about his last days that he spent at his cottage in Wilton as he died, how he could not speak and had to be taken around in carriage. It was slightly depressing, but if you have to go it was a beautiful place to do so. We opted against the tour so we weren’t allowed into the cottage, but we observed it from outside. 


We took the short walk to the overlook that was beautiful.


The land is filled with nature; we saw a frog, a deer, and a red tail hawk. 

IMG_0773 IMG_0772 IMG_0770

The experience was nice even without a tour, but it is oddly situated next to an abandoned correctional facility. Though I found this very interesting to observe, it certainly takes away from the peaceful solitude of this cottage that our president spend his last days.


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