Lasdon Park, Westchester

Lasdon Park is a very unique place located in Katonah which I enjoyed exploring. It is a relatively large park with many well maintained trails to hike upon. By the main parking lot there are lovely flowers and fountains and benches to sit and take it all in. The area was empty when I visited and inviting if I were up for sitting.

DSCF8777 DSCF8778 DSCF8779I made my way over to the blue trail and as I was doing so I ran into some Ents! If you are not familiar with the term, Ents are living tree-people from Lord of the Rings (I am currently reading The Two Towers and was extremely excited these guys). I am not sure if this is what the artist was going for, but I certainly interpreted them as that. Either way, they are amazing creations!!

DSCF8780 DSCF8784DSCF8801

The blue trail held a Chinese garden. Here were pagodas, interesting decorations, a lake, and beautiful wildflowers and wildlife.

DSCF8793DSCF8791DSCF8785 DSCF8795 DSCF8799DSCF8794

Walking through the wooded green trail led us towards the greenhouse and store that are on the premises. The greenhouse had many interesting and beautiful plants growing, particularly the carnivorous plants. The store had many trinkets for sale, but also plants! I ended up getting a peace lily and an orchid (which hailed from the Bronx Botanical Garden’s orchid show) for a grand total of $8. I am so happy to have them cleansing my apartment and reminding me of a wonderful day.

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