Time in the Beautiful Berkshires

August is always a mad scramble for me to enjoy every last moment of the summer season! This past weekend I had so much fun gallivanting about the Berkshires


On our way to MA, we stopped at Grafton Lake State Park for a bit of sunshine and to break up the trip. We hiked around a bit and saw some interesting objects.

DSCF8677 DSCF8675 DSCF8676

I hate being inside on a gorgeous day, but we made a brief visit to the Williams College Museum of Art. It is a small free museum that packs some punch. Strange sculptures seem to be watching you as you head inside. 


There are some eclectic pieces ranging from colorful to creepy!

DSCF8684 DSCF8685 DSCF8689 DSCF8687

A good diversion on the way to Mount Greylock, our main event of the day. We loved hiking the parts of the beautiful Hopper Trail and the Overlook Trail, and took some slightly strenuous paths to get to the summit. 

DSCF8712 DSCF8708 DSCF8695

This is the highest point in Massachusetts, and the view was spectacular! 


The summit has a road leading to it and if you want for a fee you can park at the top and just look around sans hiking (but what fun is that?!). Here you can view the monument or eat at the lodge. We got homemade ice cream sandwiches and relaxed before our descent.

DSCF8710 DSCF8699 DSCF8696

Dinner was at Flavours of Malaysia in Pittsfield, and we deserved it. All of this scrumptious food is made to order so it takes some time, but it’s worth the wait. We got hot fresh dim sum, a chicken curry dish, so good!

DSCF8713 DSCF8714

Beautiful glorious summer day.






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