Burmese cuisine at Shwe Mandalay

We visited Shwe Mandalay last night and had a great experience eating Burmese cuisine for the first time!

The place was quiet, clean, and service was top notch. There is a small parking lot, it was great not having to park on the street on Central Ave. I enjoyed some hot tea while waiting for my meal.


You are given small bowls of a coleslaw like substance, a garlicky hot fishy flake mix, and soup broth. Wasn’t exactly sure what protocol was but our waiter said it goes with the rice so we incorporated that the best we could. 


We shared the Burmese favorite soup, which was so good! It had eggs, noodles, and crispy bits of deliciousness along with all sorts of other yummy objects. I would definitely give this a go.


Our main dish was butter rice and chicken curry. This was very tasty and fulfilling.

IMG_0629 IMG_0630

This was a hefty meal to eat for just over $20, and scrumptious as well. I would not miss eating a great and affordable dinner at this Albany restaurant!




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3 Responses to Burmese cuisine at Shwe Mandalay

  1. Katherine says:

    I will have to try here next time I am in Albany!

  2. Nice blog! Thanks for this tip and all the others! Take care!

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