Dinner at Karavalli

I love Indian food, especially on a cool rainy day. I normally go to Shalimar, their food is great and it is very close to home. I love them. However, I have heard from so many people that Karavalli in Latham is the place to go. We went there on a hungry evening and loved the BLUE environment. They start you with thin crackers with red and green dipping sauces which are great. They serve alcohol! Also a plus. Jeff got a Taj Mahal.


We ordered bagari jhinga to start, which was absolutely phenomenal. It was shrimp drenched in a tangy sauce served with poori. The poori bread was delicious and fun to rip apart and dip n the bread. This was so good!!


We ordered our typical chicken tikka masala which was very delicious. It was tender, sophisticatedly spiced, and very filling. It came of course with rice that had some nice chunks of carrots and peas. 

DSCF8523 DSCF8525

We ordered garlic nan and it was superb.

DSCF8524 While I still love Shalimar, Karavalli is a more gourmet experience and provides a larger variety of options. We will be spreading our love to both of these great establishments from now on!


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