Friends and Followers I have some exciting news!
I love writing about all of the places that I hike, eat, and visit to share with you all, and especially post pictures. I actually post so many pictures that I have reached my media limit for WordPress. So I have a new domain name where all of my posts have moved and I will continue blogging from here on out. If you enjoy reading my blog please continue to follow me at my new site where the journey continues:

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  1. Katherine says:

    Wow! I had never heard of someone actually reaching the limit! Well, I will follow you there then!

    • I guess I’m too extreme haha, thanks for making the leap with me Katherine :).

      • Katherine says:

        Your new page doesnt have a follow option!

        I have taken my blog and “split” it twice now, beause it grew in strange directions. I swear, I used to have “Food, Fitness, Pageantry, and Cats” as my sub-header. Then I took Pageantry and started The PageantFile. Then recently I took Fitness out and started JKFindFitness and I’m in the process of changing this one’s name to Kate in the 518, but I dont want to go through the logistics of a new domain.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know about the follow button I really appreciate that, it’s there now ! I love that name Kate in the 518, so cute!

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