Mr. Pio Pio

We very rarely get take out, conditions have to be just right. We were going away for the weekend so the pantry was bare, and we didn’t have enough time to sit down at a restaurant and also pack our bags. We drove through Albany’s student ghetto to visit Mr. Pio Pio, and a delicious meal was handed to us in a heavy plastic bag. The food was still nice and hot when we got back to our place, and boy was there a lot of it. We got a side of rotisserie chicken which had a lot of succulent white meat in it, a very delicious tamale, and the grande feast which came with three meats and sides.

IMG_1264All of this delicious authentic food for just over $20, we were totally stuffed and satisfied. The restaurant space itself looked nice to sit down in as well, if we had the time!

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4 Responses to Mr. Pio Pio

  1. Daniel B. says:

    Part of good take out is knowing what food travels well. Mr. Pio Pio is one of my top choices…. except for their fries. It’s truly a tragedy what happens to those things in transit. But the meats. And that chicken. And that green sauce. And more of that green sauce.

    Love it.

  2. LorreS says:

    They finally replaced their very sad looking hacked up tables so the dining room is starting to look welcoming. I’ve tried just about everything except their fish and found it to be equally nice like the chicken. The bistec a la criolla is cooked in their delicious sauce and is excellent, especially with the beans and rice. The green sauce makes everything better. Yum….is it lunch time yet?

    • I wasn’t sure what to expect on the inside from reviews and the location, but it looked fine enough, wouldn’t mind sitting down for dinner in there at all! I’m so distraught I didn’t get any green sauceeee, maybe I’ll dine in one night and request it.

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