Monument Mountain

I recently hiked Monument Mountain in Great Barrington. When entering the parking lot I realized it is a very popular hike, there were tons of people there. This did not hinder the enjoyment of the hike, however. We did not encounter too many people along our climb to the summit and we saw some beautiful sights. There were many interesting and unique rock formations.

IMG_0598 IMG_0617

Once you get close you will begin to find small outcrops of beautiful vistas. Prior to that, dense forest with a rocky rooty floor.


At the summit you will find lots of people, so find your own quiet place and enjoy the view that you earned. We sat by inscription rock.

IMG_0609 Continue on to Devil’s Pulpit, while not the summit, this was a quieter spot to take in an equally stunning yet unique view. 

IMG_0615 IMG_0619

Great hike, would be lovely to pair with a day in Great Barrington, an awesome town!


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