Camping at Dippikill

I went camping this past weekend and was blessed with the most beautiful September weather. Dippikill is such a great perk for SUNY Albany alumni. It’s just about an hour and half from Albany tucked away on a dirt road in the town of Thurman. There are cabins big and small, and campsites to meet whatever needs you are looking for. Smaller cabins like Twin Brooks and Fox Lair that we have stayed in are very rustic.

IMG_1019 No electricity or running water. We rent a gas lantern and use flashlights and create a huge fire to see at night.

IMG_1016 We cook on the fire, make smores, and stare up at the beautiful stars. It’s so dark you can see the Milky Way clouds. During the day we hike to the summit of Dippikill Mountain, out to the Hudson River, and around the pond making a nice 7-mile hike.


In summer you can find people swimming in the pond or taking out a canoe.


In the afternoon we start building up the fire again and have lots of fun chopping up wood.


It is so peaceful and beautiful out here. You’ll get deer running through you site and wake up to birds singing. So much fresh air, exercise, and unplugged relaxation. There is a volleyball court, if people are into that too. I would recommend all UA alumni experience Dippikill if only just once!

This year we hit Oscars Adirondack Smoke House on the way back home. Their bacon is sold all over the Capital Region, and it’s the only kind Jeff will buy, so it was exciting to go to the source. The place was packed on a Sunday afternoon, and they have a whole lot more than bacon. Lots of meats were available for purchase behind glass, baked goods such as chocolate bacon cheesecake, spices, sauces, all sorts of great looking things. We ended up leaving with smoked bacon with orange chipotle, Oscar’s more than mustard, and a caramel walnut apple pie. We decided next time we visit Dippikill we are going to load our cooler with Oscars goods for the weekend!

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  1. Love your blog! Please don’t split wood in sandals!

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