Mrs. London’s

Looking for lunch in Saratoga? Try Mrs. London’s, and make sure you have room for epic dessert. Their sandwiches are premade, some are heated up, some served cold, both I sampled were delish! The smoked chicken Panini was crispy and gooey while the chicken salad was dense and luxurious. While I did love the meal lets be real, I’m a person who is all about dessert. Splitting lunch allows you to have the best of both worlds, I got two different sandwiches and two desserts! I was told I must try the almond croissant here, and oh boy was it ever good. Flakey, buttery, superb-ness.


There was only one Brittany left and though I have never tried one I took that for a good omen. Also delicious, similar to a croissant but with a caramelized twist.


Loved what I got here, would love to try everything on the menu, and I heard their bread is divine as well. A great spot in Saratoga, and affordable as well!

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1 Response to Mrs. London’s

  1. Daniel B. says:

    I have to confess to being one of the lone opponents of Mrs. London’s almond croissant, but I’m glad you got to try the Brittany. The caramelization adds a bit more depth than just the sweet on sweet of the almond pastry. Regardless, the place is a regional treasure. And like many of our regional treasures, I’m constantly amazed by how many people do not know of its existence.

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