Gone Cat Crazy in the Catskills: A waterfall, lunch, and the Catamount People’s Museum

I had a great time in the Catskills the other day with a friend meandering about roads watching the leaves change their colors.

First stop was Kaaterskill Falls for a worthy little hike. The lower trail begins with Bastion Falls, and leads you to the bottom of NY’s tallest two-tiered waterfall, Kaaterskill. It is a sight to bestow, and you can walk right under the cascading water or sit on a dry pink rock and just observe.

IMG_0969 You can drive a short distance and get to the top of the falls, where a very short hike is waiting for you. You have to get right to the edge of the rock to see the water spill, so get your nerves up and of course be careful!


After our hike it was time for lunch at Circle W General Store. This joint was charming. It had an arrangement of eclectic foods, local books, and gifts along with a great menu to order from.

IMG_0995We were both super happy with our sandwiches that had homemade pesto on them and great ciabatta bread crafted by our kitschy looking waitresses. My friend was pleased with their vegetarian options. We scarfed them outside next to some beautiful pink roses and ladybugs.


We ended up driving through the town of Catskill and out of the corner of my eye I spied something delightful, the Catamount People’s Museum! This is truly a magically odd place on the side of the road. Beautiful flowers surround a huge cat sculpture created from wood and other various objects. You can enter this cat and find interesting artifacts strewn about. Don’t forget to sign in!

IMG_1003 We passed by many other small cat sculptures while riding through town. Can’t wait to head back down there and have a closer inspection of the town, this place is a must visit if you’re a crazy cat lady like me!





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6 Responses to Gone Cat Crazy in the Catskills: A waterfall, lunch, and the Catamount People’s Museum

  1. Jeremy Russell says:

    I grew up near Kaaterskill Falls and even hiked at a place called North Lake around that area of Tannersville/Hunter/Catskill, but never knew of the actual Kaaterskill Falls until I’d seen the famous painting at The Met. Still haven’t been there. Looks awesome though. Someday!

  2. Leo says:

    Is it possible for you to tag your posts, so we can easily find all your restaurant reviews? 🙂

    • I have two tags fun and feed right below the state buildings picture at the top. Feed has all my posts having to do with eating out!! Hope this helps Leo :D.

      • Leo says:

        Thank you! I realized that about 10 seconds after I submitted my original comment! DW and I checked out Good Morning Cafe in Ballston Spa after reading your review on 9/8/2014 and were just blown away by how delicious it was. We’ve lived here 4 years, so we were happily surprised to discover this gem – and it was all thanks to you! 🙂 You’re a great writer and I love how you intersperse all the photos throughout your posts. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!

      • I’m so glad to hear that! Thanks for your encouraging words :D.

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