Captree Cove Restaurant

After a beautiful beach day at my favorite spot Robert Moses I had dinner with my mom at the Captree Cove Restaurant in Babylon


I don’t know what is better here, the view or the food. I love looking out into the bay at the boats coming to and fro while waiting for my food. The ocean breeze and ceiling fans are all you need in this joint.

IMG_0666 IMG_0660

You have to order seafood here (well you don’t have to, but you ought to!), it is so fresh! We split baked clams, fish tacos, and crab stuffed mushrooms.

IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0663

Oh and don’t forget to leave room for dessert. Their chocolate cake was deviously good, and the waitress said their key lime pie is the best. I’m drooling while I reminisce.


After our meal we walked around the docks taking in the beauty, watching people catch fish or crabs, and enjoying each other’s company.

IMG_0670 IMG_0673 IMG_0675

Such a perfect (unofficial) end to summer!


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