Borden’s Pond and fun in Chatham

Borden’s Pond is a beautiful Columbia county conservation area made up of 1.6 miles of trails. I wasn’t sure if the rain was going to hold out yesterday, so I decided to pick a shorter hike in proximity to other fun things just in case. It only drizzled as we walked around these trails dazzled by fall foliage. We looked out across what I believe used to be Borden’s pond, but now seems more like a meadow. This was a little bird paradise and it was a sight to silently take in.


In the short amount of trails there is some decent up and down which will get your heart pumping, and you may come across a mysterious cabin in the woods. WHAT could be in there?! :).


When you are finished with your hike the quaint town of Chatham is within walking distance! This is a perfect spot for lunch with really great options such as Our Daily Bread and Ralph’s Pretty Good Café. I have never written about Ralph’s, but they are more than pretty good. I’d venture to say they are great. I’ve had coffee and lunch here before which came out quickly and tasty. There are outdoor seats available in the sun or it is nice to score a window seat and look out on to the block. Jeff really enjoyed his cheese steak there yesterday, while I had lunch at Mado Patissere, another fabulous Chatham option right next door. Shopping on the main street is fun too, there are a few kitschy stores to pop in and out of.

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