Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve

I took a dazzling sunset stroll at Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve yesterday.

IMG_0740 We picked it up at the end of Sugar Hill road in Vischer Ferry and parked in the power plant overlook parking lot. On our strip we saw a few waterfalls by the power plant (really they were dams, but beautiful all the same).

IMG_0724 IMG_0747 We saw many wildflowers, bunnies, and lots of frogs!

IMG_0733 IMG_0741 IMG_0732

It was probably just over a mile out to the old bridge where there was another parking lot. We sat on the remnants of the old bridge listening to the reeds in the breeze and watched the sun go down. Sun is setting earlier now, and it is sad to see summer go.

IMG_0737 We went back the same trail, though the trail continues for many more miles in the other direction. It is mostly a gravel trail and very well maintained, so we weren’t nervous walking back as the sun waned. This seems like a popular fishing and boating spot as well, it is on the Mohawk River.


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