Sculpture park and hiking in Austerlitz

I’m a sucker for a good sculpture park.


The Circle Museum in Austerlitz has some pretty interesting work strewn about in a gorgeous country setting. Some are very abstract containing everything but the kitchen sink, some are more realistic and look like birds or other things, and most have a circle in there somewhere. It a small place but densely packed and certainly worthy of a look.


It happens to be right down the road from a few pretty great hiking spots, Beebe Hill and Harvey Mountain. Both have amazing views and wildlife. Beebe Hill is a short scenic 2-mile hike roundtrip with a fire tower on the summit, a very exciting climax. Harvey Mountain is a 3.5-mile roundtrip with lots and lots of blueberries to forage if you plan your trip right, and beautiful views as well.



Lots of man made and natural beauty waiting for you not too far from the city, get on out there!


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