Swim at Dorset Quarry

Life revolves around the watering hole, that’s why during the summer months you can almost always find me at some swimming hole. 


Most swimming holes are found by word of mouth, only told to trusty worthy friends to keep them on the down low. A lot of spots aren’t exactly legal, but the risk is often worth the refreshing reward. People who frequent these places are usually friendly, and you will gain some notoriety if you go with a crazy friend who isn’t afraid to jump off cliffs like mine.


There is however one swimming hole that is very legitimate, legal, and quite family friendly. You have to be willing to drive a bit, but you will not be disappointed. Dorset Quarry in Dorset, Vermont is a beyond beautiful marble quarry open to the public. The water is brisk and beautifully colored, there is ample space to swim for exercise or float on your back in peace. Find a spot, lay out your towel, pack a picnic and enjoy the day. What could be better?


On your way home stop at a local farm and get some cheese or maple treats! Have a beautiful summer day.




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1 Response to Swim at Dorset Quarry

  1. Mike Mertens says:

    How about identifying the location of each one of those swimming hole PICs? I do not recognize a couple of them.


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