Short and Stout

I went to Short and Stout, a relatively new teahouse in Albany and found a real gem!

The joint is pretty big. There are lots of places to sit inside, in winter this will be a nice way to get out of the house. There was a hot crème brulee tea sample and a cold pina colada tea sample to try. They were both very true in flavor to their names, and quite yummy. There was a Chipotle tea on the counter to sniff; it smelt so strongly of barbeque that I had to get it for my dad. Not only is it a tea, but a meat and veggie rub, and it can be mixed to turn into a dip. Very interesting.


All of their teas can be made hot or cold. After looking at the substantial list I chose a green tea, blueberry pomegranate. It was steeped in front of me for three minutes. It was cold, tasty, and quite refreshing on a hot day. I got a veggie eggroll that was tea infused. It was very savory and the phyllo dough was perfectly flakey. For only $1.75 this was a real steal, I can’t wait to try some of their other pastries. I took my little meal to go and sat by some water in the sun, completely happy.



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