Robert Moses State Park

One of my favorite places on this earth is Robert Moses State Park in Babylon, Long Island.


When I am home visiting my family I journey out to the beach as much as possible. There is nothing better than the sun, the ocean, and a long walk in nature. I ditch the crowds and walk out to democrats point; more often than not there isn’t another soul there. It’s a great hike with a lot to see. The sand is velvety and purple out here unlike any other beach I have visited. I love collecting sea glass and wampum and decorating my apartment with them to remind me of the beach all year long. You will almost always encounter deer on the golf course, and if you’re lucky a fox. I’ve seen fishermen catch sea robins and blue fish, and this weekend noticed many puffer fish washed ashore.


At certain times of the year you will see sand dollars, starfish, or clams lining the shore. I love watching the osprey, gulls, terns, oystercatchers, and plovers in their habitat.

Image The piping plover is an endangered species, and every year since I can remember a part of the beach is roped off to protect their eggs. This weekend I saw plover chicks running about, what a lucky sight! Their little legs seem to run faster than their bodies can take them, and I’m rooting for this bunch of chicks reach adulthood.


 (not my photograph)

If you walk the beach the opposite way, you will run into the Fire Island Lighthouse. For a fee you can walk up to the top and witness some beautiful views, and learn about the history of the lighthouse in the museum there.


If you walk down a bit further, you will end up at Kismet, Fire Island. This is a place I walk to every summer to grab lunch at Surf’s Out. The food is great, but the atmosphere is unbeatable. It’s fun to walk around the town and enjoy the kitschy beach vibes.


There is so much beauty here; it can certainly make you fall in love.

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