The Daily Grind

Coffee Houses. Most people have a favorite, and I feel like they say something about you.

I have friends who love Café Vero, and they will have to find a new home to drink their coffee in soon as the establishment is closing. Friends who love hanging out at the Hudson River Coffee House. Those who pine for Professor Java’s. As I am not an Albany native, back home my favorite coffee house is Slave to the Grind. I have spent countless nights there in deep conversation with friends. I suppose something about the grind has always stuck. If you ever find yourself in Bronxville, NY and in need of a good coffee house, you have my recommendation.

When I’m not making my own coffee, (using whole beans bought at the Troy Farmer’s Market, grinding, french press-ing, and adding just a bit of local milk, mmm, hard to beat!) I usually frequent The Daily Grind on Lark. This place may fool you, they have more to offer than just a great cup of joe. They have great smoothies, soups, sandwiches, and desserts. I’ve enjoyed many a drink, breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this joint.


My gigantic delicious latte

I love the quiet atmosphere, and you know they have to be good if they’ve been around since 1976. This is a small place to come yourself, or with a friend or two. Fear not, those across the river, there is a Troy location as well.


See what they have to offer

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  1. Slave to the Grind!!! I lived there on the weekends in high school. LOVE your blog!!!

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