Cohoes Falls

All of this rain is a good thing, I promise.

April showers bring May flowers. April showers allow us to not feel guilty about not being outside in the sun, and to get some work done in the house. April showers make waterfalls more spectacular…


If you want to see a fantastic waterfall real close to home, and without getting muddy from all this rain, take a walk out to Cohoes Falls. It is a short walk in a lovely little park to a remarkable sight. On the Friends of Cohoes Falls website they state,

“Visitors can access the riverbed via a natural trail at the base of Cohoes Falls, open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 3, conditions permitting. Conditions including weather, upstream flows and staffing can cause the riverbed access to be closed”

I unfortunately have never been there when the weather conditions were right, but this would allow for much more walking about! Go to the falls, bring your friends, the park opens May 1st – tomorrow!


Visit Cohoes Falls

From Albany hop on 787 North and take it to the end. Take North Mohawk Street until you see the entrance of the park on your right. A parking lot is open across the street from the park.

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