Mamoun’s Falafel

Great Middle Eastern food in walking distance? Yes please. Mamoun’s Falafel.

I’ve walked past this place numerous times, never imagining the insides were quite so lovely. Upon entering the dimly lit establishment we were immediately seated and I began to look around. I loved the high ceilings , brick walls, wooden bar, and the food was pretty darn tasty as well.


I ordered the baba ghanouj that was exceptional, maybe the best I’ve ever had, and the pita it came with was warm and delicious. The chicken skewer I got was all white meat and nicely seasoned, and it came on a bed of lettuce and fresh tomato. I was very happy with my meal, and saved some room for dessert! It was hard to pass up the traditional baklava, but I was curious about the honey cake on the menu.


I was surprised it was such a big piece, and quite delicious as well. It wasn’t beautiful, but you can’t judge a book by its cover. It tasted almost like corn cake, which I like, which took a nap in some honey. I’m glad I tried it, very good.


Grab some inexpensive Middle Eastern food in a great environment, check out their menu


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