Seoul Korean Restaurant

If you ever told my mother I would be eating any of the things I eat today she would laugh at you. Until embarrassingly recent times, I was the pickiest eater. Not anymore! I’ll pretty much try anything once these days, and I’m trying to try everything at least once.

I’ve been waiting for Albany to get Korean BBQ, but it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime too soon, so I broke down and had my first Korean meal at Seoul Korean Restaurant in Latham. I am thankful I did! My man and I had such a fantastic date there. We eat early bird dinners, and like it that way. It’s quieter and you get better service, then you have the rest of the night! So we got to the restaurant nice and early, and it was packed by the time we left, with many people ordering their meals in Korean.

The staff was great, super attentive, friendly, and didn’t mind us asking lots of questions. The complimentary tea was hot and different from any I’d ever had, so I kept pounding it down. The man got a bottle of Korean liquor and took shots throughout our meal, and somehow coerced me to try it. Rubbing alcohol and flowers? Not the worst thing I’ve ever had. We tasted our first encounter with Banchan and Kimchi and it was very interesting.


We ordered BiBim Bahp, Koon Mahn Doo, and Ddukbokki to have a variety of traditional dishes, and they were all great! The man really loved the sizzling stone bowl the BiBim Bahp came in, and was working on techniques of how to clean it with chopsticks.


With the check you get complimentary yogurt drinks that are yummy and refreshing! 


Check out their menu


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