Albany’s Pine Bush Preserve

I have a strong affinity for the Pine Bush Preserves.

It is very odd to be hiking through sand, with pine bushes, and seeing many sections of the land charred from an ecosystem that requires fire. It is a unique place, and I dig that. It is easy to lose yourself here, but not in a literal sense because the trails are fabulously maintained.

When I did my undergrad at SUNY Albany, I took a community service credit that essentially allowed me to hike for three credits. It was amazing. I did have to lug around a huge pair of clippers, but since I was alone most of the time I thought of them as a great weapon if I ever encountered an undesirable. I maintained the trails, hiked, and enjoyed myself as a carefree college student.

At a time my boyfriends’ office was located by one of the preserves, we used to hike on his lunch hour.

During the summer months I go in with an empty container and come out with freshly foraged berries.

I’ve taken my own full-moonlit hikes around these trails, spent time here with many friends, and had many picnics; the memories are endless.

I feel very at home in the Pine Bush, and I feel so fortunate to have these trails in my city


A picture from my most recent visit, early spring before sunset.

One thing I have never done, but vow to this year, is visit and see the Karner Blue butterflies. It is on the endangered species list, but the Pine Bush is working to help recover its population.


Visit the rare and interesting habitat right in our backyard, The Albany Pine Bush Preserve.

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