Troy’s Prospect Park

Because I don’t have a backyard, I spend a lot of time in local parks. Washington Park is my go to because of its close proximity, but I love checking out other parks for some new scenery. I checked out Prospect Park in Troy, had some fun in the sun, and learned a thing or two.

It wasn’t hard to get a lay of the land at this park, it is one big hill, which I would come to find out was once named Mount Ida. I noticed there are many places for kids of all ages to have fun from the playground with the horses….


…to the hand ball court, and the abandoned swimming pool. I enjoyed looking back across the river to Albany at an overlook,


and walking over to the Uncle Sam monument.


This was a nice monument build by Navy Seabee’s, which my dad was, so it made the connection even more special to me. I loved reading the history of Samuel Wilson aka Uncle Sam, and his connection to the Troy area.



The location of this monument on the overlook is really fantastic, it is a place you can feel at peace. The park was quite empty today because the forecast foretold rain, but I can imagine it bustling with people. It is a wonderful space for the city, but there is much to be done that could improve it further.


Visit Prospect Park

65 Prospect Park Rd, Troy, NY 12180

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