Pizza and more at the Orchard Tavern

Growing up eating pizza in the Bronx made my standards of a slice very high. I have heard many suggestions for great places up here, and I’m sure they are quite good. However, I don’t know if I could ever love a slice more than from my home joint Crosby Pizza, a place I have been frequenting since I was able to eat solid food. I generally abstain from grabbing a slice until I am visiting home. No worries though! Pizza doesn’t only come in the form of quickly made slices to grab and go. I have a go-to joint for something different, but equally delicious when I have a craving. I love ordering a pie from the Orchard Tavern. It may take a bit more time, but i can enjoy the outdoor seating at an Albany establishment that has been open for over 100 years. Their delicious rectangle pies are prepared in a cast iron pan and come out piping hot, and they are certainly something to rave about. Jeff craves the meat lovers pie which is a portion enough to choke a horse.


I recently tried the buffalo chicken slice that was more than fantastic.


This joint has more than just delicious pizzas, a whole variety of tavern cuisine is available. I’ve enjoyed their turkey dinner; Jeff has gobbled down some burgers. We sometimes indulge in some of their crazy appetizers such as fried broccoli and cheddar bites, and most recently their fried macaroni and cheese wedges.


I love the Orchard Tavern when I am in need of some tasty comfort food in an easygoing environment.


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