A Day in the Catskills

I had the loveliest time roaming about the Catskills yesterday.

First stop was for breakfast at Sweet Sue’s in Phoenicia, and wow, what a treat. This place is known for their pancakes and they have many eclectic options to choose from.


I think this may have been the most epically delicious breakfast I have ever feasted upon. Jeff got banana bread challah French toast and a side of bacon. It was absurdly delicious.


I got Hawaiian pancakes which had coconut and pineapple and they were truly divine. I mean, just look at them all fluffy like clouds of deliciousness.


After a ridiculously gluttonous breakfast it was time for a hike! We decided to do Giant Ledge, a 3.1 (or more depending on how far you go) trail of Panther Mountain. The hike was really great. The ascent is mostly gradual with a few steep inclines, and very rocky almost the whole way through. It was fun bouncing from rock to rock like a mountain goat.


Once you get to the ledge area you are rewarded with a gorgeous view of the Catskills.

DSCF8497 There were many interesting critters and sights about on this lovely day.

DSCF8503 DSCF8508 DSCF8501 DSCF8495

We stopped in Woodstock to attend the Mower’s Weekend Market.

DSCF8513Here was a small, but certainly not shabby, little flea market with some interesting treasures to be found, and great people watching too.

DSCF8512 DSCF8511

A light dinner was in order after much running around. Jeff remembered really digging pizza last summer when we visited Woodstock, and was hoping to relive the dream. We found the spot, a unique little operation completely outside amongst the hustle bustle of the town. The Green Palate Vege-Terranean Grill has some undeniably good food, and super friendly owners. We enjoyed talking to Giovanni who whipped us up some mean fire-grilled pizzas. Jeff got a meatball pie and I got a margherita, and we had some mango lemonade and sweet delectable corn.

DSCF8516 DSCF8515

We heard the veggie burgers are award winning, and plan on trying them out next time. A simply perfect end to a wonderful day in the sunshine on a sidewalk in Woodstock.







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1 Response to A Day in the Catskills

  1. Linda Madsen says:

    Those pancakes look delish thanks for the Turkey Mountain hike and the company today!

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