Saratoga’s Cookies and Milk

Cookies and Milk in Saratoga Springs will make you feel like you are in heaven if you are a dessert addict like myself.

DSCF8154This place is done right. It looks beautiful, smells good, but most importantly the wide variety of treats taste AMAZING. There is a mix for any type of taste here. You have your standard cookies, brownies, cupcakes and all sorts of delicious drinks to accompany them. If you are looking for a simple treat perhaps a pint of milk and PB dark cookie is the way to go. The milk is from Battenkill Creamery and the cookie is made of peanut butter from Saratoga Peanut Butter Co.


Maybe you are ready for a full on feast in which case their filling ice cream sandwich might be an option. These are made to order. There are standard ice cream flavors and then flavors of the day, this day there was a caramel toffee flavor. Warm milk is available in many forms, such as the Dandy Dreamer which is steamed with Darjeeling tea, honey, vanilla & nutmeg.


Everything is absolutely delectable, I can’t wait to go back and try a Gooey Louie (Belgian cocoa, caramel chocolate truffle center & pink sea salt) with some bubble milk.


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1 Response to Saratoga’s Cookies and Milk

  1. Katherine says:

    How come I’ve never been here? I need to check it out, now

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