Irie Vybez

Holy wow. The Caribbean food at Irie Vybez completely exceeded my expectations and is officially a new staple for my Albany dining go-to’s.

Walked into a brightly painted room playing a reggae Pandora station with two friendly guys manning the joint. The place is pretty small, so most people in were taking it to go, we took ours to picnic at the Corning Preserve. The food looked good, smelled good, and after enjoying some samples tasted real good too. I got a jerk chicken wrap that was cooked up fresh and only cost $3, could have gotten this alone and been full. This has to be one of the best deals in Albany. The flavor was so different to me; it was sweet yet savory and had the right amount of chicken and veggies. I was raving about it the whole time I was eating it.


I also got a small order of brown stew chicken, which came with rice and peas. I don’t know why they call it small when it was enough to choke a horse, for only $6. The meat fell right off the bone, and I didn’t expect it to be as good as the wrap, but it was! A different flavor entirely, so tender, so delicious. Some fresh crisp greens and veggies were plopped into the container as well. There was no way I could finish it all, so I’m looking forward to lunch tomorrow.


The man got curried goat entree with jerk fried rice and some salad. The greens came with a homemade Vidalia onion like dressing. It goat was spicy and delectable, but the portions were so big even Jeff has some leftovers for tomorrow. This huge meal was only $8.


I am so glad to have tried this place out tonight, and to add it to my rotation of favorites! Can’t recommend this new business enough.

If you are looking for absolutely delicious and affordable food, visit Irie Vybez, check out their menu!


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