Ice Cream and a Walk in Watervliet

A short and perfect little after dinner outing can be had in Watervliet pairing ice cream at Mac’s Drive In and a walk at Schuyler Flatts Cultural Park.

Mac’s has lots of great homemade flavors and a real cute atmosphere. There is indoor and outdoor seating with interesting decorations.

DSCF8530 DSCF8529

I had Grandma’s Maple Bacon flavor which was very good!


We saw the Schulyer Flatts park on our way to Mac’s, and decided to check it out on our way back home. The park isn’t very big, but it has some interesting aspects to it. A picturesque trail loops you around the park with views of beautiful trees and the sound of birds amuck.


There are plaques with historical information about this area throughout history which are informative and interesting.


There is an open field that is perfect for flying a kite on a windy day.


There is a short path through the woods and although it leads to a dead end it is always nice to get into nature. On this little wooded trail after a rain the plants were beautifully outlined in dew.



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