Breakfast and Kayaking in Schenectady

Every summer I get a living social to go visit the Boat House in Schenectady. It’s still available if you want to go yourself!

For just $15 you get two hours of kayaking on the Mohawk River. It’s a great area to paddle around. There are remnants of an old bridge, water lilies that make a beautiful noise as you glide over them, and a small island that divides the waterway where lots birds hang around. Last year we saw a bald eagle land ten feet away from us on this island. This year we noticed a pair of bald eagles gliding not too far off, and also little birds who nest in mud holes on the eroded side of this island. There are your standard Canadian geese and mallards as well of course, it is a very hopping joint. You will see other boaters anchoring in the area and jumping in the river to cool off on a hot day.


Since we were heading to Schenectady anyway I decided to kill two birds with one stone and visit Mike’s Diner, which is also in the area. This place has lots of interesting pancake, waffle, and French toast options along with other standard fare. I got pumpkin waffles with caramel sauce, and Jeff got peanut butter banana French toast. We loved our meal and it certainly fueled us for our two hour paddle. The pair made a fantastic morning!


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3 Responses to Breakfast and Kayaking in Schenectady

  1. Katherine says:

    What? How come I didn’t know about this? I have lived here my whole life! I have to check it out.

    • You should it’s a really amazing river. I love sneaky workouts where you’re having fun so you don’t realize your exercising like hiking/kayaking. They also allow you to justify eating the waffles/pancakes/french toast. Win/win!

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