Professor Java’s and the Crossings

It was Sunday evening and I had just left the USS Slater after a long fun day of tours! I needed sustenance and a caffeine kick if I was going to make it through the evening instead of just sleeping through it. A trip uptown was in order to visit Professor Java’s quietly tucked away on busy Wolf Rd. All of their interesting lattes can be made hot or cold, I chose Margo’s Mexican Love Latte which had Mexican Chocolate tea and spiced chocolate. It was good, and filled my required caffeine quota without being overbearingly sweet. You could taste the cinnamon and spices coming out of the bag left steeping in the big icy mason jar.


I wanted a nice hardy meal so I got Simon’s Pesto chicken Panini, and Jeff got the Fiery Piggy Bird. They were both really delicious and filling, and came with some chips.

DSCF8092 DSCF8093

We split a heath brownie and then headed directly to the Crossings to walk off our sinfully awesome meal.


I love how this park has so many different facets, depending on what you’re looking for. It’s great for kids with a playground and a maze made of trees. The paths are great for dog walking or human walking, bicycling or rollerblading, and running. There are some natural sights to see, I enjoy watching the ducks and koi in the pond, standing on the bridge watching birds and insects in wetland, and walking into the woods to see if I can spot other animals.

DSCF8096 DSCF8102

I’ve seen deer and snakes here before. There area all sorts of wildflowers, and berries to forage if you know where to look.

DSCF8100Black Eyed Susan


DSCF8097Pea Plants



This is big fantastic park to explore, and it shakes up my normal routine of heading to Washington Park. After a good walk a the Crossings (if you haven’t had a huge brownie with dinner like I did) a trip to Scoups Ice Cream is absolutely necessary. It is my favorite local ice cream establishment in the area!

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4 Responses to Professor Java’s and the Crossings

  1. Katherine says:

    I Love Professa Javas! The owner is an RPI alum. The application to work there, not making this up, is “Draw an animal that you most relate to. Give it a name and list 3 things you have in common.”

  2. era.b says:

    That coffee and food look sooo good. I’ll have to make a trip to Professor Java’s one day. Your posts are so awesome and informative!

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