My 100th Post!! So happy it can be dedicated to the USS Slater.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the moment you have been waiting for is finally here! The USS Slater is back in Albany! Normally the USS Slater, an amazing WWII Museum ship, is open from April-November. This year things went a little differently. She got a dazzling makeover in Staten Island, and is now open for public tours just in time for July 4th! What better way to celebrate your holiday?


This ship is a history buff’s dream. For a small fee you get a guided tour throughout the ship, learning about life on the USS Slater during WWII. You get to see where the sailors ate, slept, and sit right upon the guns that they fired. For this reason the tour is great for kids as well! It is very fun, educational, and interactive.


If you play your cards right, I might even be the one giving you a tour! And I don’t just say it’s amazing because the ship is my special gal, I visit lots of historic ships around the country, and I’ve never been to one as amazing as the USS Slater.


Be patriotic this 4th, come visit, bring your friends, your family, your neighbors! Support the USS Slater! 


Insider tip: bring nice cold water, as the ship can get hot!





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