Painted Pony Rodeo

Growing up around the city there are some things I never thought I’d get into, like rodeo.


Little did I know it was in my blood. I started randomly sporting cowboy boots in high school, I love southern rock and a bit of old school country, and can’t resist a good barbeque. Maybe that doesn’t make me a cowboy, but my Dad certainly was. He is the only cowboy I have ever heard of to hail from the Bronx, and once in a while a story will eek out of the woodworks. Something about getting a bunch of ribs broken from a bull, having a silver tooth, a nasty cock named Sydney with the biggest spurs, and a horse that bit who needed to be bit back. All of this made my imagination run wild, and when I found myself in Upstate New York, there seemed to be a few people with common interest.


Almost every weekend in July and August the Painted Pony Rodeo in Lake Luzurne has a Western Rodeo and Texas BBQ going on. You can see bucking bronco’s, rodeo clowns, and lasso tricks after eating chicken, ribs, corn, and baked beans. After the show there is a saloon to get some drinks and do some dancing, if you’re up for it.


It’s a good ole time, and it is something different to do that can be easily paired with a visit to Lake George or tubing down the river with Tubby Tubes also in Lake Luzurne which is always a blast (there is often a Groupon for this, so look into that!!).

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3 Responses to Painted Pony Rodeo

  1. Sorry but the first thing I noticed on this post are your boots and I absolutely love them:D. although I did read the post after that. great work!

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