Tara’s Kitchen in Schenectady

It’s nice when things are simple. Tara’s Kitchen is as great as everyone says it is.

Make a reservation and head out to Schenectady. You will enter a place with a great atmosphere; there is outdoor seating available. You will receive prompt and warm service. You will enjoy a delicious meal, it’s that easy. Upon being seated our waiter brought us some tea with lemon and mint.


We sipped on it while looking over the menu. I decided to get two appetizers for my meal. First an eggplant roasted garlic and tomato dip that came with pita bread, it was warm and flavorful, and quite filling. Second was grilled shrimp with spicy harissa sauce, the shrimp were succulent, and the sauce was hot and delightful.


Jeff asked what a tradition Moroccan dish was and got a tagine of chicken with preserved lemons and green olives. It came out steaming and he really enjoyed it.


We had a wonderful time here, and highly recommend trying it out.



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