Norman’s Kill Farm

When you’re on Delaware Ave heading towards Delmar, maybe heading towards Jim’s Tastee Freeze, right before you cross the bridge you may have noticed a little green sign that says Normanskill Farm. I turned down there one day, and found a pretty special place.

Turns out there is a lot of history here. You can read about past settlements of the area, and see remnants such as old stone foundations and farm equipment.



There is still a lot going on here today. There is a dog park and a community garden. Space for fishing or wading in the Norman’s Kill. There are hiking trails dotted with beautiful wildflowers.


APD keeps their horses back here, and you can say hi to them.


You might find the old Whipple Bridge if you take a right or wrong turn, walk on over it.


This is a great place to come and explore with your dog, your kid, your friend, or just yourself. There is a whole lot to see, very close to home. After a good walk maybe you will make it to Jim’s Tastee Freeze, they have some awesome soft-serve.


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