Eat & Watch the World Cup at Flores Family Restaurant

I don’t claim to be a soccer fan, but watching any high stakes game can be a good time. I had dinner at Flores Family Restaurant in Schenectady and enjoyed a great authentic Latin American meal while watching the World Cup, and it was a lot of fun. Go on a night that a game is playing, it will be on both of the TVs, order yourself a beer (maybe an authentic beer made in the country of the team in the game) and order some Pupusas.

ImageFrom my point of view, a cheese pupusas dipped in the tomatoe sauce tastes very similar to pizza! It’s fantastic, hot, and gooey. There are tons of small Latin American dishes for very affordable prices, mix and match a few, share plates, have a good time. We tried a tamale, an enchilada, and yucca with pork. We also enjoyed the complimentary chips with an interesting not salsa sauce to dip.


Go. Eat. Drink. Cheer. Goaaaal.

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