The Empire State Plaza

The Empire State Plaza is one of the places I love to take people who are visiting, and I often find myself there for its many events in every season.

In the summer there are plentiful festivals and concerts. I’m really excited to see Shaggy and Bootsy Collins next Wednesday, and George Thorogood the Wednesday after that! I love trying out samples and supporting local vendors at the Food Festival, this year it is on August 13th.


I have a walking distance year-round farmers market, which is an incredible source for fresh local produce. Inside the plaza there are great lunch options ranging from Honest Weight Café to McDonalds, and everything in between. There are shops to browse, a post office to buy my stamps, and even a YMCA if you have a gym membership there. There are always different and interesting exhibits to look at, and you might even catch a crafts fair if you come on the right day.


The Corning Tower is a fantastic free activity, but it is only open Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.. This would be a beautiful place to see the fall foliage. At the base of the building are interesting sculptures, and outside there is an odd wooden labyrinth to ponder.


In winter there is ice-skating, tree lighting, and fireworks. It may be cold and windy here, but fresh air is always a requirement in my life.


In spring you can come here to see the ducklings that are often swimming around in the reflection pool, or just gawk happily at the architecture in the sunshine. Maybe after a spring shower, you will catch a rainbow.


I have still not had the pleasure of seeing a show at The Egg, but that a high priority on my list. I’m waiting for the perfect act to come along! The plaza is truly a magnificent place no matter what time of year, there is always something to do or see, so get out there!


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