A hike, a monastery, and a meal in the Catskills

A very interesting hike in the Catskills is Overlook Mountain.

The hike can be strenuous for some, as it is mostly uphill with little relief until you reach the summit. However, when you get there you will not be disappointed. You will find the remnants of an abandoned hotel, great for photo-ops and exploration.


As you trek on you will reach a picturesque summit that stretches as far as the eyes can see, a most rewarding sight.


You can continue to a fire tower, if you felt you weren’t high enough already, and catch even more impeccable views.


Overlook is a fantastic hike with many splendid qualities, and it easily pairs with other great things to do in the area. Just across the way you will find a Tibetan Monastery. Karma Triyana Dharmachakra has beautiful grounds, and you are free to enter their beautifully adorned shrine room. There are guided tours, meditation instruction, and retreats available.


If you are feeling hungry a stop in the quiet town of Phoenicia might be just what you need. The Phoenicia Diner is an old school dining car, and you have your diner staples plus some dishes that seem a little more than ordinary here. I enjoyed a delicious soup of the day with fresh local ingredients and a great slice of rhubarb pie. It was a perfect meal after a perfect day.


Phoenicia has some interesting shops to look around on the main drag as well, if you’ve still got some energy.

Know before you go!




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1 Response to A hike, a monastery, and a meal in the Catskills

  1. Mark Aldrich says:

    Because of the woodsy Catskills setting, and because when I first visited the Phoenicia Diner I was also watching a lot of David Lynch, I felt like I was in an episode of “Twin Peaks” there. Regardless, it is a great diner. “Damn fine coffee.”

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