A trip to Schoharie County

Ever been to Schoharie County? I feel like a lot of people from Albany haven’t, but they’re missing out.

My ideal daytrip would begin in Sharon Springs and include breakfast at the American Hotel. I had their delicious and unique corncakes, and enjoyed eating them in a beautiful and historic setting. Jeff went the lunch route and had a delicious asparagus soup and a great burger. Rachael Ray has frequented this establishment as well, which I find to be a testament as an avid food channel watcher.


Across the street there are some interesting stores, my favorite is the Cobbler & CO. This gift store has the design of a regular house, and you walk through the different themed rooms and hallways to find eclectic and sometimes local items.


A beautiful hike in the area is Vroman’s Nose. This is a bit of a strenuous hike, mostly up hill to the summit, but it is extremely rewarding when you get there. A fantastic overlook gives you insight to the community, quiet, rural, and peaceful.


You can go to the Old Stone Fort (for free with an Albany Public Library museum pass!!) which played a part in the Revolutionary War. Close by is a covered bridge that you can walk across, or maybe stand under and gaze out at your surroundings.


If you’re taking Route-20, I have already written about some other ideas for drive there or back.


Enjoy the countryside; take a trip out to Schoharie






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