Opus 40

Are you in to art, architecture, museums, nature, or masonry? I think Opus 40 falls in to one or many of these categories.

Opening day is May 22nd, so you have a few days to plan an adventure down the thruway. One man built this whole structure, and it is a truly amazing sight to see. Harvey Fite purchased an abandoned quarry in 1938 and used the rocks to create an extensive sculpture with no mortar, just pressure. You can get lost wandering the grounds or walking through the subterranean passageways, or just in awe of what is before you. There is a small quarryman’s museum and gift shop. You will find many smaller sculptures around the grounds as well, but Opus 40 is truly what you came to see. 




This is a great spot for a picnic, but if you want to grab a bite you might want to stop in Kingston, where I experienced a fantastic breakfast at Dolce.


Woodstock is also close, you may want to wonder about and take in the sights, or pop in some interesting shops. 



Be informed!




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3 Responses to Opus 40

  1. Mark Aldrich says:

    Your photos of Opus 40 are truly great. (I do not know if it is possible to take a bad photo there, but these are special, especially the one with the mist rising off the stones.)

    The site was damaged by the two hurricanes, Irene and Sandy, and a fundraiser was started this winter to help restore the damaged section. The workers will be only using Harvey Fite’s techniques and methods and will try to use stones from the site itself. Over $30K was raised and the campaign is over now, but a second campaign will be launched in the summer to pay for the completion. This was the campaign website: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/opus-40-restoration–3


    As a Hudson Valley native and long-time New Paltzian, I am really enjoying your posts and photo essays about the area.

    Thank you, Mark

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