Dinner & Dessert in Red Hook, NY

If you’re down for a bit of a cruise, I’ve got a place for you.

We were heading down state to visit our families, and decided to break up the trip with dinner. We stopped in Red Hook, a really charming town an hour south of Albany that I hope to visit again soon. Dinner was at Bread and Bottle, a trendy little joint on the main drag. They do not take reservations, and we went in on a Friday night when a band was playing. We got really lucky and grabbed the last two seats at the bar. We put in our order and as we waited Jeff sipped on a 21st amendment beer that he really enjoyed, we listened to the folksy band that was great, and gazed out the huge window to the street. Pizzas came out and they were delicious. They bake their own bread here and the dough was thin but with some density, fresh and hot. I got a tomato pesto that was out of this world, not too cheesy, the sauce was phenomenally flavorful, and there was crispy kale on top. The man got a fennel sausage that he gobbled up; they make their sausage in house.


After our lovely experience we decided to go from one pie to another. Dessert was at Me-Oh-My Café & Pie Shop. We saw it as we were driving into town and our love for pie pulled us in. There were so many pies to choose from, among other desserts. It was difficult for me because of the salted caramel chocolate cake, the carrot cake cookie-wich, and the cupcakes which all looked delectable. It was hard not to stray from pie with all of these options, but we stayed true. I had Dutch apple and he had double berry, and they both were very good. We ate them with great speed, and bought a mini-pie to bring home for the parents. I am interested in having lunch here, maybe next time!


We had such a great experience in this town, stopping here might just become a tradition to break up our frequent monotonous drives down state.

Check out their menus




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