Watervliet Arsenal

*UPDATEIt has come to my attention that this museum is no longer running. You can still find out the fascinating history of the Arsenal online. 

If you’re interested in history, especially military history, I have just the place for you.

The Watervliet Arsenal has been operating since 1813 and it is still producing weaponry today, making it the oldest continuously operating arsenal in the country, right in our backyard. The museum is free to enter, but you must bring identification to gain entry. The grounds are very impressive, and if you’ve ever driven down 787 and wondered what those tanks and barrels were doing there, it’s the arsenal. The 16-inch barrels are particularly stirring.


Inside there is a museum taking you throughout the history of the arsenal by showing you time period weaponry. There are many interesting artifacts and a movie to watch about current weaponry.


If you’re lucky like I was, someone might open up the old machine shop for you and get some things working.


Seeing Jeff’s head through the barrel of a gun seemed to be a great photo-op


This is a seriously interesting and informative museum, and it’s free. If it’s up your alley, I would highly recommend visiting



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2 Responses to Watervliet Arsenal

  1. Was just doing some investigating on the Watervliet Arsenal….is it open for visitors? According to Yelp and the Times Union its closed for two years.

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