Hannacroix Ravine

Had a lovely time visiting the Hannacroix Ravine yesterday, it was a perfect hike in just the right weather. Just take Delaware down into Clarksville, and it’s a just under 2 miles into Cass Hill Road, so close to Albany.

Like so many other days, we were the only car in the lot at this preserve, and we didn’t see another human soul. The trail is well maintained and easy 2.5 mile loop through the forest. The light filtered in through the trees in a picturesque manner, and the air smelt so good. There is so much new growth throughout these woods, it is so wonderful to see after this winter we have endured. 


On the direction I chose to go in there wasn’t too much to see until you reached the big creek, but listening to the birds singing their beautiful songs loud and proud was good for the senses. When you do reach the creek, lots of wildflowers start popping up.




Yellow Violet 


St. JohnswortImage


Violets, white on the inside, purple on the out!


White Baneberry

There are many small creeks you have to cross, they were low and slow on this day but I can imagine it being difficult to do after many days of heavy rainfall.


After the creek we started to walk through areas with different types of trees, plant life, mushrooms, elevation would change a bit, and we found interesting rock formations. 


Visit this wonderful preserve; you might have it all to yourself!



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