Four Corners Luncheonette

Had Sunday Brunch at the most refreshing joint this past weekend.

Walking into Four Corners Luncheonette in Delmar I did not know exactly what to expect. The place was quiet and scattered with folks from all walks of life. Their décor both inside and out is kitschy, but not overwhelmingly so. I enjoyed the local art on the walls, the theme of a blue sky with puffy white clouds about, and most of all the classical guitarist that was jamming out melodically.


His music was soothing and between jamming I heard licks from one of my favorite tunes God Only Knows by the Beach Boys! It’s always nice when you have live music while eating. The menu had diverse offerings such as ‘kale & eggs’ and ‘mango-banana ricotta French toast.’



I really wanted to try the raspberry johnnycakes but was in a breakfast sandwich mood, so I will just have to go again to check it out. I ordered a regular bacon egg & cheese on cinnamon raison toast that was delicious, and the man got a triple-decker breakfast sandwich, which he inhaled. We also got some chunky delicious home fries, and it always makes me feel healthy when I get peppers and onions in them :).

Image I would definitely recommend trying out Sunday Brunch here, but be aware they close at 1pm on Sundays. They also had a freezer filled with buy one get one free interesting looking homemade soups that I would have liked to try if I didn’t have plans afterwards and was heading back home to put them away! Next time.


Visit their site

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