La Mexicana Grocery and Restaurant

In the midst of finals week in grad school, the fact that it is Cinco de Mayo just about slipped my mind.

If you want to get in the spirit consider taking a trip to La Mexicana Grocery and Restaurant in Schenectady, it’s about as close to Mexico as you’re going to get in the Capital Region. I love the art on the walls, especially the armadillos. I was looking forward to seeing one a recent trip to Mexico, but did not get the pleasure (probably because they’re nocturnal creatures).


You will find the TV on the Spanish channel, maybe some Spanish music, and you will hear many conversations in Spanish at the tables surrounding you. I find these to be all good signs when dining at different ethnic restaurants. I ordered a taco, a tostadas, and a tamale. From visiting Mexico, I have discovered the joy of tamales. La Mexicana makes very tasty tamales, and I would highly recommend you trying one. I also tried horchata for the first time here, it was sweet and interesting drink.


Enjoy some delicious and affordable Mexican food, embrace some Mexican culture, happy Cinco de Mayo!


Check out their website


If you are looking at something closer to home, try out El Loco, you may remember reading about my delicious frozen margarita experience there.

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