From The Garden

Want to go on a really lovely date and have a delicious meal? Try out From The Garden on Lark.

This place usually has a Groupon available, so it is a good idea to check to cut down on price. This is a small joint, so make sure you call for reservations. Coming here is fantastic, you really don’t have to worry about what to order because you’re not going to have a choice (other than a vegetarian option). Normally not having a choice might bother me, however every course I had here was delicious and I tried a lot of things I might never think of ordering, so it all worked out for the best. Each dish was paired with a sample of wine, and my favorite was First Kiss. I am no sommelier, but this was sweet and delicious and perfect in my opinion.


There were five courses in all.


The soup was made of radishes, and had grits like consistency that I really enjoyed.


Since I didn’t go vegetarian, and I didn’t make my own choice, my main course came out and I was surprised. It was red meat, which I have never ordered at a restaurant and very rarely eat. This was a silly mistake, I should have asked. I am a chicken or fish girl like Jessica Simpson (other than bacon, a new addition in my life thanks to my carnivore boyfriend). I was very nervous but with some coaxing ate it, and really enjoyed it (even if most of the meat ended up on the Mr’s plate, that had nothing to do with quality or taste). If I had to have a first real red meat eating experience, this was the place to do it. 


Ingredients are sourced locally, the service is great, and the food is not soon forgotten.


Check out their site,


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